what’s in a name


[sim-boluh-jee] noun

• the art of expression by symbols

the symbol…
• something that represents an entity, idea, or process

• a mark, sound, sign or object having cultural significance and the capacity to excite a response

the origin…
• from ancient Greek sumbolon — a mark or token of identity
• from sun- ‘with’ + -ballein ‘to throw or put’; literally “put together”

the history…
In the ancient world as trade expanded beyond local markets a means of verifying identity was needed. So a token or coin would be broken and the pieces given to parties entering into a deal or contract. By putting one piece of the token together with the others, like a puzzle, identity was established.

At symbologie. we’re all about putting together all the pieces to uniquely represent your brand or business and help you connect your message to the world.